A Letter to My Community

I feel like I have to say this to all my fellow Dominicans and Latino(a) people out there who think the looting is the worse thing about all of the protests after George Floyd’s murder - and to all my Christian brothers and sisters who know that God’s greatest treasure is a human being. I … Continue reading A Letter to My Community

The Continuing Loop of Tech Addiction

Almost every year for Lent, I give up social media up until Easter Sunday. Every year, I miss it then I don't, and every year after Easter I go back to gradually using social media again until I feel addicted to it. It's an endless cycle, but one that I try to break. This year, … Continue reading The Continuing Loop of Tech Addiction

Love is Kind

I have so much to say about love, self love, etc. I felt compelled to write this post because of Valentine's Day yesterday and seeing all of the longing for love, especially in girls/women. This will be short but I hope helpful. There's this notion that is instilled in people at a very young age … Continue reading Love is Kind