The Power of the WOMAN

It's an epidemic. The majority of the women I know don't fully understand their beauty and value. Most of us would change things about our appearance or rather have something that another woman has. I rather have curly hair and I rather be a little shorter. I've always wondered why we're so hard on ourselves. … Continue reading The Power of the WOMAN


Humility – The Hardest Trait EVER!

What a difficult thing - humility. I believe most of us don't even know what the word actually means. I know I didn't. The reason why I'm writing this post is that today - January 1st - in addition to being New Year 2019, it is also the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. … Continue reading Humility – The Hardest Trait EVER!


There's no place like home, right? Even though I don't live there, San Jose de las Matas (Sajoma) is definitely my favorite place on earth. When that plane lands in Santiago International Airport, I feel like I've just arrived home. It's a weird feeling, but I never feel like that anywhere else. Not even where I … Continue reading Sajoma