A Letter to My Community

I feel like I have to say this to all my fellow Dominicans and Latino(a) people out there who think the looting is the worse thing about all of the protests after George Floyd’s murder – and to all my Christian brothers and sisters who know that God’s greatest treasure is a human being. I agree that the looting is bad. Setting places on fire is bad. Destroying private property on the street is bad. But none of this is as bad as the merciless killing of people of color. This isn’t just because one cop killed George Floyd. George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s the year 2020 and we’re still dealing with this amount of racism and POC have had enough.

Racism doesn’t see culture or country. It simply just sees color. If someone is darker than the desired shade by a racist, then you’re black. I think the majority of us are thinking about it as not being African American, but no one asks questions of origin when they want to look down on you or when they’ve automatically made up their mind about how uneducated you must be because of the tone of brown you are. The looting is simply the outrage of a society that has seen murder after murder go unpunished.

If we don’t feel the asphyxiation from the unchanging culture of racism, then we’ve been living in a bubble and we’re lucky to have never been racially profiled. But just because you yourself have not felt it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can sit hear and say “well, they don’t have to burn down a city.” But we can also say “Colin Kaepernick silently took a knee in silent protest and got fired.” So at what point do we have to say “we either get justice or we won’t have peace.” When is it ok to force the hands of those people who are running our society? Many people are done with peace because justice never came.

I can sit here and write down all the times I’ve been discriminated against and it still won’t add up to the racism some others have had to endure. We also have to be aware that many of these protests have been peaceful until people were being attacked by some cops. We also have to be aware that the looting is happening more by people that are not of color. These things I’ve heard from people at the actual protests. So when you take all of these things into consideration, can we really sit quietly in our homes and judge others for leaving their homes and fighting for equality?

I can’t judge the majority of protestors who are peaceful for the actions of thieves and arsonists. Do we stop fighting for what’s right because of thieves and arsonists? Because we also can’t control all thieves, arsonists and looters.

*Side note: please excuse all typos/grammatical errors. I don’t care much for correcting them at this point.

2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Community

  1. Jimmy Mueses says:

    I loved this Fanny! Very insightful! I loved the fact that you mentioned that Floyd’s Murder wasn’t the cause of all the current outrage but it was the final straw!

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