Love is Kind

I have so much to say about love, self love, etc. I felt compelled to write this post because of Valentine’s Day yesterday and seeing all of the longing for love, especially in girls/women. This will be short but I hope helpful.

There’s this notion that is instilled in people at a very young age that marriage is the ultimate goal. Maybe not everyone but many people have experienced it. A woman should get married and have kids and a man should get married and provide for those kids. Yes, marriage is beautiful, but only when done right. I feel as though some, or most, people get married because it’s what is normal, or because it’s just simply the next step, or because their partner currently fills a void.

Singlehood allows us to experience silence and solitude. There’s nothing wrong with that because when you are alone you don’t depend on another to make you happy. Being single sets you up to give your future partner a more complete version of you. There’s nothing wrong with being single or not having a boyfriend. There’s also nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day. Let’s stop hating a holiday that celebrates love. And if you do hate it then that means you only see love as coming from a partner. But what about your friends, your family, a stranger who happened to open the door for you. Sometimes we get so caught up in fairytales that we forget that love is simple and kind. If you’ve ever met someone who has been kind to you without expecting it in return then you’ve experienced love. It doesn’t just come from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Quiet honestly, in my opinion (I don’t know if you want my opinion but you’re reading my post so that means you do), if you so desperately seek love from a partner then you’re not ready for it. Once you get it and lose it you’ll be distraught because you see nothing outside of it. So do yourself a favor and enjoy being single. Find joy in it because the second best relationship you’ll ever have will be the relationship you have with yourself. The first is obviously with God, but that deserves a separate blog post. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. I pray that we each fall in love with who we are meant to be.

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