The Power of the WOMAN

It’s an epidemic. The majority of the women I know don’t fully understand their beauty and value. Most of us would change things about our appearance or rather have something that another woman has. I rather have curly hair and I rather be a little shorter.

I’ve always wondered why we’re so hard on ourselves. Why do we want to change so much? Why do we feel we need to fit into a certain mold? Why do we crave attention and if we don’t get it then we feel like we’re not living up to the world’s expectations of beauty, or feel unworthy?

My father thinks my mother is the most beautiful woman that has ever walked this earth. I think that’s beautiful. My mother, on the other hand, is always watching what she eats because she gained 5 pounds.

Imagine the freedom of loving yourself as you were made because it’s how you’ve been created. Imagine loving – and not just accepting – your features because we were made to be different so that the world can see the beauty in diversity. I wish we all knew that curly hair is beautiful, straight hair is beautiful, no hair is beautiful.

The world will always judge and have a definition for what beauty should look like, but why do we listen? I struggle all the time with finding myself beautiful, but I’m tired of the world telling me a need to fix myself. I don’t. What I need is to love who I was created to be.

The reason we’re attacked this much is because we are important. Our self-love and beauty is important to humanity. Important things that change the world are never left alone. There’s a reason why our beauty is attacked and the definition has been altered to meet certain standards. Are we going to let the world continue to treat our daughters and their daughters this way? I’m not.

I also must admit that I’m not a feminist. There is a role of a woman and a role of a man in a relationship. There should be a partnership without pride. And if I can’t open up a jar on my own then I’m not ashamed to let a man do it. I don’t have his physical strength and I’m ok with that because I have other strengths that he doesn’t. And that’s beautiful because if we know who we are in a relationship then we know we each have a very important role in this partnership. I don’t agree with we go 50/50. I don’t want half of someone and I don’t want to give someone only half of me. If you give 100% and get 100% then you don’t have to worry about yourself because that other person will. That’s a true partnership, companionship, marriage.

I believe will all my heart that the woman has the power to live up to this – to accept nothing but 100% but also give just as much. But we have to understand our worth and the value of our beauty. That can change the world.

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