Hair Tips: How I Repaired My Damaged Hair.

Side note: It’s almost been a year since I’ve uploaded a blog post, which makes me sad because I like to write about random thoughts. But I promise myself that I will write more often.

I’ve been meaning to write about how I’ve been able to grow my hair out. About five years ago, my hair was long but would break a lot and it was falling out. My hair isn’t thin but it was thinning at the ends. The first picture below (2010) shows how much breakage I had towards the bottom compared to what it looked like a year after I started repairing my hair (second pic is from 2014). In 2014, I cut my hair and donated it so I’m starting my process again in order to grow it out.


A lot of girls (especially at work) have been asking me about my hair and how I get it to grow so fast and thick. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned. Just one thing to note: I’m not a hair guru. Just a girl who knows the struggle. So here goes…

1. I stopped using a flat iron.
You may think I’m crazy but flat irons are so bad for your hair and you shouldn’t be using it all the time. I stopped using it for about a year and now only use it when I need to apply a little extra heat to the tips. Applying so much heat weakens your hair and it breaks easier.

2. I wouldn’t blow dry my hair often.

I stopped applying too much heat because, again, it weakens your hair. I would only use a blower if I was going somewhere and wanted to look presentable.

Because I stopped styling it with heat, I would wear my hair at its natural state. I have wavy hair and it gets really frizzy if I don’t put styling products in it. I started to put my hair in a bun a lot. Sometimes I would twist it or I would just apply moose. Here’s one way to twist it but there are many tutorials on heat-less styling on YouTube. Moose isn’t the best thing in the world but since I wasn’t straightening my hair then it was stronget allowing me to apply moose without being too worried about the damage.

3. I changed my shampoo – a billion times. (Probably my most important tip.)

I stopped using Pantene and I started using Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner in the beginning. BEST EVER!…but very pricey and it contains sulfate. Since I shampoo my hair twice and condition it once for about 10 minutes, the shampoo bottle ran out pretty quickly. Because the bottles are a little expensive I bought the shampoo twice and the conditioner once. It’s honestly the best investment I’ve ever made for my hair growth. I have no idea what’s in those bottles but it’s probably sprinkled with mermaid magic and the touch of an angel.

My second shampoo purchase was Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Duo. It’s almost as good as Ojon so I’d consider this my second favorite. This shampoo doesn’t contain sulfate (sulfate can cause frizziness and can damage colored hair. Not cool dude.) I’m currently on a budget so I started using L’Oreal. First I used EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo because of my ombre, and now I’m using Everstrong Anti-Breakage Shampoo to strengthen my hair. I paired both these shampoos with the conditioners. These have been getting the job done so far and they are pretty cheap so I just pick them up at the drugstore. Eventually, I’ll switch back to Ojon because – like I said – BEST EVER!

*Note: the reason I switch shampoos so much throughout the course of 2 years, is because your hair gets used to whatever you use after a while, so growth and strength doesn’t continue if you keep using the same thing.

Tips I haven’t tried but I hear are great:

1. NO TOWELS: Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Your hair may get stuck within the towel which causes breakage.

2. USE SILK PILLOW CASE: Like the t-shirt, silk pillow cases don’t grab onto your hair while you’re sleeping so it doesn’t cause breakage.

3. DO NOT COMB: We’re supposed to be using our fingers to comb out our hair. Your hair is at its weakest state when it’s wet. Combing out the knots right after you wash your hair causes split ends and it doesn’t allow your hair to grow as much as possible. Also, trying rinsing out the conditioner with cold water after you wash to lock in moisture and strengthen strands. (<< I sound like a hair commercial. I promise you I didn’t copy that from Wikipedia.)

So that’s it. That’s how I started my hair journey way back in 2013. I hope some of you find this useful and you get to walk down the street in slow-mo while the wind is blowing through your long, luscious locks.

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