Farewell Captain

Before Zac Efron, Derek Jeter was the only one I had eyes for. Yes, Derek was my first love. I used to have a poster in my room that said “Show Stopper”. My Dominican dad never knew what that meant.

On this very sad, rainy day, I say bye to Derek. The last of the Core Four is leaving. Today is the last day he will be wearing those pinstripes in the Bronx. I’m sure that the rain is just God’s tears of simultaneous sadness and joy. Sadness because the Yankees won’t be the same without Jeter and joy because we got to witness a baseball legend.

If you’ve never seen the awesomeness that is Derek Jeter, I’m just going to do you a solid and give you a piece of baseball heaven.

1. Derek Jeter’s Signature Jump Throw

2. This crazy dedication:

3. And this crazy play.

So with all of this I bid you farewell Captain. I’ve never known the Yankees without you in it. Baseball and the Yankees will no longer be the same.

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

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