So this happened today…

Imagine how excited I was when the day to go to Jamaica finally came. I decided to take a trip for my 30th birthday and booked it several months ago. I walk outside of my apartment and my parents tell me that they also booked their flight and are going. Surprise! Woohoo. It couldn’t get any better.

I was right because it got worse. We walk up to check in at the airport and the unimaginable happens. All of a sudden I look down at my passport and it says “Expiration date: March 24, 2014.” My reaction: panic. I literally started shaking and couldn’t even stand by the check in anymore. My family and friends were all going to be in Jamaica for my birthday without me. #worstdayever

Since I was in a trans and could barely think my sister asked for options. I had to go to NYC and get my passport expedited. It was 5:30am, the offices opened at 7:30am and the only flight available was 5am the following day. Yup, I was done with my life.

So what did I do? I took a cab to NYC but not before listening to my mother lament and complain and tell me a billion times what I needed to do. I get to NYC and it was still dark out. Thank God for Starbucks because I hung out there until 7 then stood in line outside the building, freezing my but off, until the doors were opened.

That entire time all I did was pray that everything would go smoothly. And it did for the most part, despite the dude that gave me an attitude because I wanted to retake my picture at the convenience store and the fact that I had to wait hours for my passport to be ready.

After I finally get it, I catch a cab to the airport to see if there’s an earlier flight I can get on and of course there isn’t. So I take a cab back home and wait. Now I’m just waiting for 4am so that I can head back out to EWR and finally do this correctly.

Moral of the story: 1. Make sure you check your passport every 10 years because it might be expired. Shouldn’t they mail you a letter to remind you? Either way this will never be happening to me again. 2. Taxis to and from NYC are expensive. I need to have more friends who can pick me up.

Universe, Jamaica me crazy!

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