Christmas Crafts

I love DIY projects and being creative. Seeing your thoughts come to life is an amazing feeling and I’ve always liked it.

This Christmas, I made a few things that I loved. For my coworkers, I made little reindeers our of candy canes. I just went to Michael’s and bought the red fluffy balls, the sticky eyes and the brown yarn. I wrapped the yarn around 2 candy canes, and I used a hot glue gun to make everything stick. This is what they looked like…


For our ugly Christmas sweater party at work, I decided to make my own sweater. At Michael’s I also bought the red bow, small ornaments and a long line of vine with poinsettias that looks like this. I used the hot glue to stick everything in place and also stuck the snowflake stickers to the bottom. The earrings I made from extra ornaments, and the hooks were from old earrings I wasn’t using. My wreath was a total hit.


This project was a little more special. I’m in a group chat with 7 other girls and the chat is called 8 girls in 1 group chat, or 8 in 1. We decided to have a Christmas party because we rarely get together. I made them snowflakes for decoration. The biggest one had 8 pieces to it and I hid each of our names in the snowflake. It represented 8 pieces that made up 1 snowflake, kind of like our group chat. I followed the tutorial for the big snowflake here and the smaller snowflakes I followed from here.


And these were my little creations for the holiday. I can’t wait for the next holiday!

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