Dating? Online Dating? Forever Alone…

Random Person: “How are you? What have you been up to? Are you dating anyone?”

That last question. That one right there. Why am I so awkward when I answer that question?

Me: “Umm nope.”

I’m honestly not seeing anyone AT ALL. No one who I’m occasionally texting or calling or hanging out with. No one. It surprises people so much. “No one at all Fanny? But why?” Ummm I don’t know. Maybe because I haven’t met anyone worth my time and honestly where do I even look. Because I’m not the type to meet someone at a bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t think the type of guy I’m looking for I’d find at a bar. I honestly don’t even know where he would be though so maybe I should keep my options open at a bar.

When you’re younger it’s easier to meet people. There’s a school full of people in high school, college, etc. You meet new people who introduce you to new people. It’s easy. Then you finish school and hang out with the same people, and unless you’re ok with meeting a guy at a bar you won’t meet anyone who you really think is worth it. My dilemma.

Not that I’m looking because I’m not, but this subject has come up several times amongst coworkers and friends. “Where can I meet new people?” Tinder? I’m not fond of online dating. I feel like it loses the romantic aspect of it.

Random person: “How did you meet?”

Me: “Online. I wanted a relationship so I signed up for one.”

Not romantic at all. And if there’s something that I am is romantic when I really like someone. I want a real story to tell people not a computerized one. I don’t want to say “Our personalities matched so here we are.”  – My commercial

I believe in fate, and God. So I believe that I will meet that person who I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with one day. I don’t know where or how, but it will happen. I’m also at a point in my very old age of 29 where I’m done with games that guys play. I also went through a break up and I’ve never been the type to rebound. I like to deal with the wounds and not have someone else cover them. That’s why I’m not dating and why I don’t care to date. But I’m getting to that point where I’m over that last relationship and I want to go out again.

Maybe this will happen in the new year. If not, you can catch me on Tinder! JK JK

2 thoughts on “Dating? Online Dating? Forever Alone…

  1. unchainedsoul says:

    There is nothing wrong with that. I am at the older age of 33, with absolutely NO prospects. I signed up for Eharmony and I am already feeling anxiety. You’re not ready to date, you’re not ready to date, no harm, no foul. Take some time for yourself. He will come. I’m hoping he will come to me too.

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