Shark Week…I love it but I hate it

I think it all started when I was very young. I barely remember it, the first time it happened, but what I do remember is watching Jaws and never looking at the ocean the same way again. I don’t think many people know this but I am terrified of large bodies of water. I’m a pretty good swimmer, but I won’t go into the deep end because I truly believe that a shark will come out of nowhere and eat my legs. Just image how I felt while watching Deep Blue Sea.

Yup. Nope. Hello. Goodbye.

Go ahead and laugh but I’m completely serious. The water isn’t my territory. There is no way to escape a shark. You are completely done. If you’re ever in the water with a shark just thank God for the life you’ve lived and give up. Or just stay still and hope they aren’t hungry because they have bad eye sight anyway.

Because of my immense fear of these intimidating creatures, their lifestyle intrigues me. This is why I torture myself and watch Shark Week every year. I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe because I get to come face to screen with my fear. Because seriously, have you heard of Megalodon? I know it’s a prehistoric shark but the ocean in such a large place. It can still be out there chopping away with its 6 rows of teeth.

I just feel like the more I know the less I will freak out when I’m swimming to the deep end. Movies create a believable world, and it helps to understand what is true and what is a myth. I just pray I never come face to face with a shark because LAWD I can’t even think about it.

So I’ll probably never really get over my fear but…

Yay to Shark Week!!!!

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