The Life of a Daughter with Old Fashioned Dominican Parents

The most difficult thing about moving out has to be dealing with my parents. They are your typical traditional Dominican parents who don’t understand why I need to move out . I get it and, honestly, who can blame them.

My mom’s first and only boyfriend was my dad. They fell in love, dated for 4 years and then got married. So to my very traditional,  religious parents it is only right that I move out when I am married. I’m 29. I don’t think marriage is going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

For my mother to let go of something that she had for 29 years is a little difficult. My dad probably feels worse than she does because he babies all of us to death. I get it but there was way too much sadness involved when I told my mom I was going to sign the lease to an apartment.  Her exact words were “you’re breaking my heart.” She tried everything to get me to stay, but my breaking point was when my dad came into my room with tears in his eyes because my mom had just told him I was leaving.

Yup, dude was crying. It’s super frustrating because they don’t want to see me grow. They want to have me around but they need to let me go a little.  This has been the most difficult weeks of my life, but I need to leave my comfort zone. My mom gets its a little more now. She’s still hurt and I’m sure they aren’t going to help me pack but at least she gets it. She told me that she can help me with anything but she doesn’t think she can help me pack. I’ll have to sneak stuff out then.

The 9th is going to come pretty fast. I just hope that there isn’t much crying involved. The next few months are going to be really bad. I know it, but I must admit, I’m a little scared and nervous. I’m also really excited. I’ll definitely be broke for a while but I’ll be ok.

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