Someone take me back to paradise!

I know that all my fans noticed that I haven’t posted anything in the longest time. Since I’m so popular on here I didn’t want to disappoint all my fans I thought I would update you all on what I’ve been up to.

I went on a vacation last week and I must admit I’m a little depressed to be back. It’s been a week since I landed in Puerto Rico, aka La Isla del Encanto. We were there for 2 days then got on a cruise ship for a little tour of the caribbean. We got to go to 6 different islands, including PR. Yes, SIX! Let’s count them:
1. Puerto Ricooooooo
2. St. Maarten (where I met Captain Jack Sparrow)
3. St. Kitts
4. Antigua
5. St. Lucia (my personal fave)
6. Barbados (no I didn’t see Rhianna *sad face*)

I had so much fun. We went ziplining, rode around in ATV’s on the opposite side of the road (Yes I know. I’m a badass), and of course got a tour of a cave. Because I wouldn’t be a true Batman fan if I’d passed up that opportunity.

I’ve decided to grace everyone with some of my photos. Enjoy! And…


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