Last Day of April

Today is the day. It’s officially my birthday. How do I feel about it? Like I have to accomplish all my goals within the next year or I’m going to feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. I guess I’m being dramatic but whatevs, that’s how I feel.

It’s my last year in my twenties. People say that your twenties are the most fun and exciting. So what’s left for 30? Is it going to be boring. I’m not the type of person to just let myself live a boring life. I like to do different things, try different things, go to different places. So why am I feeling so anxious and overwhelmed about my last year?

I’ve definitely learned that this life is my own and no one can live it for me. That is what I’ll continue doing. I’ll continue to grow, travel, love the people around me, laugh and trust in God’s plan for me. And hey, they say that 30 is the new 20 so I can technically say I’m 19. Maybe not, but at least I don’t look 29.

I’m definitely really greatful and thankful for the people in my life. I love them so much.

I went to mass this morning just to say thank you. I owe my life to God and starting off my birthday with Him was perfect. I’ve been very blessed and I recognize that. All I can do is give thanks.

So here’s to 29. The last year in my twenties. I will miss you twenties but I’m pretty sure my thirties will be pretty darn special.


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