Brand New Me

I have a mental list of people who I want to see in concert and I crossed Alicia Keys off my list. It was great to see her and I’ve never been to such a chill concert before. Definitely a good concert for a Monday.

She sang a few old songs and a few new. I’ve always felt that songs heard on a CD or radio don’t live up to live performances and Alicia Keys proved me right. She sang “Brand New Me” and I fell in love. I identified with that song so much because she sang it live. I didn’t feel the same when I saw the video to it.

I can totally relate to that song and I felt her freedom. I felt her journey during that performance and how she is no longer making excuses for who she is. She’s not perfect but she’s grown to be brave. Amen to that sista!

I’ve learned, in my old age of 28, that those who truly love you will love you through everything. I’ve been tested so much within the last 3 years or so and I’ve noticed that the people who are still around are the people who will always be around. I am who I am because of what I’ve learned and the decisions I’ve made. I’m not perfect but now I’m brave.

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