Fanny…The Gladiator?

I’ve been on this fitness kick lately for 2 reasons. One, I want to get my body back to where it was almost three years ago. I was training for about an hour twice a week and I must admit my arms, legs and bum were looking pretty nice. Two, I really miss feeling that healthy and energetic. My body just felt totally different.

Anyway, I’ve learned that the only way that I will get to where I want to be is if I really push myself. With this being said, in comes what will most likely be one of the most challenging and exhausting days of my life, The Spartan Race.

My friend told me she was doing this with one of her co-workers and of course I was all up for it. After paying for the race and looking at their promo vid on YouTube I realized that I may die. I’m not training anymore and when I’m working out it’s mostly with weights which doesn’t really test my endurance. The race is a 3 mile obstacle course of death and I’m totally not gladiator material. I am definitely not Maximus Decimus Meridius!

I ran a mile on Sunday without stopping just to see how much I could take. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t have to roll through mud or climb a rope plus finish up the last 2 miles. So at this point I’m just going to keep working out until Saturday,  which is the day of the race, and pray that I don’t die out there. All prayers are welcome and totally appreciated.

If I survive I’ll write an updated blog post telling you all about it.

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