If you know me you would know I love finding cool new apps, even if I wouldn’t necessarily use or need them.

I found out about KillSwitch a few weeks ago. I’ve always been very private with my relationships and have never broadcasted them, but here’s a little app for those who do.

What happens when you break up with someone and have a bunch of lovey dovey photos of them left on your Facebook? Queue the intro music! I introduce to you….

KillSwitch…switch….swtich…switch <- that’s supposed to be an echo.

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 9.56.00 PM

OK, so this awesome app removes all your photos with your ex-significant other from your Facebook page! The negatives? It only works for Facebook. You’ll have to manually delete the photos on all the other sites. Womp, womp. It’s also not available yet, which is weird because it was available for Android a few weeks ago.

Positives? If you get back with your bf or gf, your photos are not permanently deleted and you can bring them back! Good thing to know for all the undecided couples.

Something else that I absolutely love, aside from their creative website, is their charity initiative. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Heart Association of New York when users purchase the app. They have the best little line for it saying, “So Broken Hearts Can Help Broken Hearts.” Like, OMG stop it right now. I’m sold. I want to download the app just to donate, even though I don’t need it.

So if you’re going through a break up and want to make it suck less, consider KillSwitch!

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